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Different Causes of Toothaches

Posted on 1/11/2021 by Parkway Dentistry at Langtree
Different Causes of ToothachesPain in any part of the body is a direct signal that our body sends, alerting us that something is wrong. If you persistently experience aches and pains in any part of the body, you should immediately seek medical help. Toothache can arise because of many different reasons, including an underlying medical condition. Here are some of the most common causes of toothaches and the associated type of pain or discomfort.

•  Cavities or dental caries are the most common causes of toothache. Cavities are generally not painful, but if they eat away at the enamel and reach the nerves and blood vessels, they can cause tooth sensitivity and a substantial amount of pain that will seem to emanate from inside the tooth itself.
•  Infections in the tooth can also cause a severe toothache. They are a lot more painful than cavities and demand immediate medical attention as they can severely damage the dental structure. The pain of infection is almost unbearable, so you won’t be able to ignore it.
•  Bruxism and TMJ issues are another common cause of toothaches. Bruxism is the term for teeth grinding. If you grind your teeth, especially during the night, you most likely suffer from an aching jaw. The constant pressure on the jaw can also cause Temporomandibular Joint Disorders. Inflammation in the TMJ can also cause toothaches.
•  Trauma to the teeth or to the jaw is likely to result in pain. You can use over the counter medications to relieve the pain. You should also visit the dentist to ensure all your teeth are intact and get immediate attention for any loose teeth.
•  Diabetes can also cause toothaches, especially if your sugar levels are exceptionally high. High blood sugar disrupts blood flow to the teeth, which can cause toothache. If you cannot pinpoint the exact reason for the dental pain, visit your dentist for a check-up.
•  Pain in the teeth, or the face, can be a sign of a heart attack. If pain in the face or teeth accompanies chest pain, you should seek medical help immediately as you may be getting an angina attack.

A toothache may seem like a minor problem, but it could be an indication of something major like an infection, diabetes, or a cardiac arrest. Do not ignore toothache and visit your dentist as soon as possible to identify the cause behind the pain and obtain treatment accordingly.
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